SHARP believes that everyone deserves to have fun and learn about STEAM. SHARP focuses on impacting kids in underrepresented areas and continuously going to three Boys and Girls Clubs and multiple middle schools and high schools. SHARP works with Hartwood Acres and City Park to have annual events including Pumpkin Chunkin and Alphabet Trails to reach families around the Pittsburgh Area. Over this past season, we have gone to 20 outreach events, and have impacted over 5,000 people!

SHARP’s 2022 Outreach List

  • EKAL Hackathon
  • Pumpkin Chunkin
  • Girl Power
  • Penguins STEM Night
  • ECS Middle School
  • Shadyside Boys and Girls Club
  • ReMake Learning
  • SciTech Science Sympposium
  • SciTech FRC Presentaions
  • PALS
  • Pride Parade
  • SCRA Workshops
  • Mechanical Engineering Pathways Institution (MEPI)
  • Steel City Robotics Alliance
  • Pirates Full STEAM Ahead
  • Alphabet Trails
  • Sarah Heinz House Fall Fest
  • SciTech STEM Night


Steel City Robotics Alliance (SCRA) is a community of FRC robotics teams in Pittsburgh, PA, and has been around for 15 years. SRCA serves more than 10 teams, rookie and veteran. SCRA helps teams learn mechanical, programming, and prepares them for competitions. During the summer, SCRA works together to make projects that teams can’t do alone due to resources. SCRA meets every other Sunday to play games, have scrimmages, and meet new members from other teams around the community.