What is FIRST?

Each year, our team competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), where we have just 6 weeks to build and program a robot from scratch, going from wood and plastic prototypes to a computer model of the entire robot made using CAD software. Each January, a new challenge is released, forcing us to invent new designs and strategies to score as many points as possible. We compete at two events each season—the Greater Pittsburgh Regional and a regional in New York or Ohio, and 1 or 2 offseason events. Doing well at competitions requires a lot of organization and planning driven by students with the support of mentors.

SHARP has been competing in FRC since 2010, and we have made great strides to support and improve the program, growing from just 7 members to our current limit of 30. We have also improved our workspace and our in-house machining, going from a single basement machine shop to a much larger space with more tools including a metal lathe and CNC router.