What is VEX?

The VEX Robotics Competition runs annually, with teams having a full year to prototype, design, and build a robot using a mix of prefabricated and custom parts. We run 5 teams each having 4-5 students, and are capped at 25 members. Students use Fusion 360 and Onshape to design and layout the structure of robots, designing mechanisms and making sure they do not interfere. Students can program the robot in C++ using VEXcode or PROS or use VEXcode Blocks for a Scratch like experience. Students get a chance to apply controls algorithms including odometry, Kalman Filters, and Motion Profiling to practical settings, gaining valuable experience. VEX is our team pipeline for middle and high schoolers to get interested in FRC, but we also have students participating in both programs. 

Our teams usually attend three regional competitions, the States Championship, and the World Championship. SHARP’s VEX program has been very successful recently, winning the Western Pennsylvania States Excellence Award in 2021, winning both Western Pennsylvania 2021-2022 Season Regional Events, and having 2 teams be tournament finalists and another be Robot Skills Champion at the 2022 Western Pennsylvania State Championship.